Cord Disconnection

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Often there is someone in our lives that hasn’t always lifted us up.  (i.e., the ex wife)  In fact many times this person contributed so very negative feelings and negative self identities (i.e., I am unlovable).  What is interesting is that we often wish for and/or seek acknowledgment from this person to confirm our worth.  […]

Finding Peace By Going Within, Out or Without (Part 2)


Monday I shared that one way to find peace is to go within ourselves, our bodies, our minds.  The second way to find peace is to go outside of ourselves.   Patti Fields a facilitator of A Course in Miracles study groups, a spiritual counselor and a dear friend of mine shared an image with me […]

Finding Peace By Going Within, Out or Without (Part 1)


There are as many paths to peace as there are ideas in our head.  Geneen Roth, the bestselling author of Woman Food and God, says that we can take anything, and take that thing all the way to the end, we will find Spirit.  When she says anything, she means anything.  Divorce, trees, foreclosure, sunsets, […]

Give Me A Break! The Benefits of Meditation


Meditation in some form has been practiced all over the world for thousands of years, whether it be prayer, mantras, art, singing, shamanic journeying, walking or even fishing. This might surprise some who picture monks sitting, legs crossed, on the floor in a trance all day. This image of meditation can be intimidating especially for […]

Review: Shapeshift Into Higher Consciousness

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A year ago, I decided to do something to nurture my soul. Working hard to build my practice, study and teach Narrative Therapy, and attend to my family and home, I had been neglecting myself. Looking for a retreat that allowed me to pause my hectic life and spend time inside my heart rather than in my head, while at the same time supported my mission to help others, I signed up for a course at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York.

What is shamanism?

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Shamanism is often used to describe a spiritual practice of healing in indigenous cultures.  While cultures from around the world vary in practices and belief, there are similarities.  Most notably, shamanic cultures feel a connection to the natural world and believe that elements, minerals, elements, animals and people have a soul or a spirit.  They […]

How Do We Know When We are Done Healing?


Someone asked me, “When are we done healing?”  This is a very common question with a complex answer.  People want to know how much more work they have to do.  They go through hard times, sometimes horrible times and then they go through months, sometimes years or decades to recover.  “Getting over it” or “working through […]

Soldiers and Suicide: Putting the value back in life

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The news about vets/returning soldiers and suicide has really caught my attention in the last few months.  This is primarily, because it is such a waste to lose them after families, friends, as well as the soldiers themselves, prayed so hard for their safe return from combat tours.  I have also been interested in the […]